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Acute Injury Clinic and Hotline

When you are injured, a week or even a few days seems like an eternity to wait for an appointment to begin treatment.  You want to get back to your life as soon as possible and you don’t want to cause any more harm.  Whether you have a sports, work or accident related strain, sprain, dislocation, contusion or fracture that involves your bones, joints, ligaments, muscles, or nerves; we are here for you.  At Minneapolis Orthopaedics our Acute Injury Clinic is available to you anytime you call.  Our certified trained professional staff will answer your call or will get back to you within an hour to discuss your problem and will recommend immediate treatment.  We will also schedule the necessary tests and appointment to see us that same day or the next clinic day to evaluate your injury and provide definitive treatment.

At Minneapolis Orthopaedics we are always available to treat your orthopedic injuries and we will make sure that you receive the absolute best and fastest care available to help get you back to your passions as soon as possible.

Phone us anytime at:

(612) 344-HELP
(612) 344-4357

24 hrs/day – 7 days/week